Case Study: Ana Leticia's story as a SDG Coordinator

Case Study: Ana Leticia's story as a SDG Coordinator

“As an SDG Coordinator, I feel that I have the support of SDSN to reach out panelists and guests... SDSN is a wonderful platform for youth,” that comes “with a sense of friendship, family, and cooperation.”

Ana Leticia Rodriguez Barroso is a third-year student at Tecmilenio University in Mexico studying industrial and organizational psychology. Since becoming the first SDG Coordinator at her university in the fall of 2019, Ana has quickly established an exceptional campus culture working towards the 2030 Agenda that is based on collaborative passion. Motivated by the challenges of the world today, Ana is determined to act now and work together with others to recognize and solve issues such as pollution and inequality.

“When I see the news, I’m really worried because I don't see the governments and the civil organizations worried about what kind of  world we are creating - what kind of world it will be in 10 years.”

“I don’t want to live in this terrible situation that is forecasted. We need to tackle these problems today.”

Passion-Driven Action
Ana is a passionate advocate for the equal rights of disabled youth, and regularly holds theater workshops for people with Down Syndrome, on the autism spectrum, and hearing disabilities. She has translated a love of the arts, tap dancing, and theater into a dedication for helping others, working with children of special needs to develop skills like teamwork and communication while creating a safe space to express themselves and have fun.

“This is a really important issue to tackle, but also I need to start looking towards the environment, looking towards the people, looking towards hunger and researching more about the 2030 Agenda. How can I start involving in more actions than doing this with people with disabilities?”

This realization was a shifting point for Ana’s perspective.

“It’s really important to act now. I’m seeing no chance for us unless we work together to really solve these issues.” When her campus advertised the SDG Coordinator position, Ana was excited and hopeful.

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