Case Study: Faith's story as a SDG Coordinator

Case Study: Faith's story as a SDG Coordinator

"We knew that to make an effective change within the university community, we needed to work hard and reach out to every student on campus at the undergraduate and postgraduate level...I have learned to lead better and engage in a more effective way. I have met people with different ideas and plans and I am always amazed at how young people have so much embedded in them."

Faith Adedolapo Olayiwola is our SDG Coordinator at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

She is currently studying as a final year student at the University of Ibadan, studying German. Outside of her academic obligations, Faith is also active in community service. This stems from her own experience of growing up in one of the most underdeveloped states in Nigeria and the dirtiest state in Africa. Despite so, Faith believes that her community abounds with great potential and endless desires.

Coming from a country rife with problems such as corruption, declining education system, terrorism, to gender equality, Faith itches to see improvement. “I am anxious for a change; not just a change for my country but for every individual here.”

Driven by this desire, Faith decided to take a step forward and serve as an SDG Coordinator at her university. Upon being asked about her reason to serve as an SDG Coordinator, Faith revealed that most people in her university are unaware of the sustainable development goals. She further identified three categories of students in her university: those who know the SDGs and are working towards them, those who are working towards the success of the SDGs but are unaware and cannot relate their actions back to the SDGs and their targets, and those who are unaware and totally passive. “I wished to make my immediate community not only aware but more aware of what the Global Goals are and how we can all work together to achieve this and make a change within our society,” Faith shared.

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