GOALs Live! Strategies for Peacebuilding

GOALs Live! Strategies for Peacebuilding

With Luca Bucken and Victoria Ibiwoye (chaired by Ezra Yego)

What does sustainable development look like at the community level? Learn how you can lead effective change and support the work of the SDGs from successful young practitioners. This event will be highlighting grassroots human rights work and conflict resolution in Somalia. This is a can't miss opportunity to join a conversation about youth action, community-based solutions, and advice on how to effectively work towards sustainable peace.

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Meet Luca Bucken, the Director for Policy and Programs at the Elman Peace Centre (EPC), headquartered in Mogadishu, Somalia. In his role, Luca oversees the planning and implementation of EPC’s programming and coordinates with partner governments, UN agencies, and (I)NGOs, and other stakeholders. EPC’s mission centres on an inclusive approach to peace-building, including the Disarmament, Demobilisation, Reintegration (DDR) of Children associated with Armed Forces and Groups (CAFAAG), Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV) prevention and survivor protection, Security Sector Reform (SSR), climate-related security risks, and sports for development.

Luca is an ambassador of One Young World and #TeachSDGs, and was extensively involved in the UNFCCC negotiation processes surrounding the 2015 Paris Agreement. He previously worked as Senior Advisor to UN High-Level Commissioner Dr. Alaa Murabit and supported the rehabilitation and reintegration of juvenile offenders in Manila, Philippines, and supported human trafficking investigations on two continents. A co-founder of a human rights NGO in Germany and search & rescue volunteer for arriving refugees on Lesvos, Greece, Luca’s leadership for inclusive and sustainable peace, have been recognised by the UN SDG Action Campaign, UN Climate Change, University of Southern California, Asia-Europe Foundation, Climate Reality Project, The Next Web, and the EU28-ASEAN — platforms that Luca intentionally uses to advocate concrete steps for an world that values the roles of girls, women, and displaced people as agents of peace and prosperity for all.

Also meet Victoria Ibiwoye, a Pan-African youth leader and gamechanger in the field of education. She is the Founder of OneAfricanChild, a youth-led organization focused on building the capacity of low-income community children in Nigeria and within Africa through global citizenship education workshops. Victoria is using her voice to advocate for the right to education especially for the most marginalized. She has spoken at the United Nations and at several high-level consultations, calling for leaders to prioritize education in law and practice.  She is the current Youth Representative to the SDG-Education 2030 Steering Committee and previously served as an ambassador of the Global Education Monitoring report on Accountability in Education. Victoria is a 2019 Mandela Washington Fellow and a recipient of the Princess Diana Legacy Awards. Victoria is creating a new vision of a progressive, peaceful and sustainable Africa through an investment in the transformative power of education.

This event is moderated by Ezra Yego, former SDG Coordinator for Strathmore University and current SDSN Youth Project Officer (Networks) for Africa.

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