SDSN Youth announces the fifth cohort of Local Pathways Fellows

SDSN Youth announces the fifth cohort of Local Pathways Fellows

Meet the new cohort of Local Pathways Fellows from 80 different cities who are ready to drive sustainable urban development!

Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth Initiative (SDSN Youth) appoints a new cohort of the Local Pathways Fellows that consists of 100 young urban leaders from 80 different cities who are ready to make their impact towards sustainable urban development.

These young professionals come from different backgrounds — urban planners, social entrepreneurs, researchers, and sustainability experts–all with one goal to make their sites smarter, greener, and better. All SDG 11 targets will be represented in the solutions produced by the LPF’s 2022 fellows in the end of this year, while areas of their highest interest include enhancing capacity for participatory planning and management (SDG 11.3), improving air quality and other waste management (SDG 11.6), and inclusiveness in public spaces (SDG 11.7).

The core component of the fellowship is a practically-oriented training program that helps young urbanists develop solutions to the major challenges faced by their cities–from local community initiatives to policy changes. The 2022 fellows are entering this 10-month journey with loads of passion and motivation.

“At the helm of community-based solutions, every opinion matters, especially that of the younger generation. With everything that's going on in the world, and the pandemic adding to the global issues, it becomes imperative for us to participate in sustainable initiatives. I truly believe that a city is a microcosm of the Earth as a whole, and every positive change starts from the doorstep of the inhabitants of the city." – Srilata Addepalli, 2022 Local Pathways Fellow based in Dubai, UAE.

"Becoming a Local Pathways Fellow is an excellent opportunity to join a community as passionate and driven as I am to contribute to Goal 11” – Elizabeth Kostina, 2022 Local Pathways Fellow based in Boston, USA.

"Local Pathways Fellows is a community of young changemakers contributing to the speedy realization of the Sustainable Development Goals. And this is what I need to be part of as a young person." – Daniel Adeola Adeagbo, 2022 Local Pathways Fellow based in Lagos, Nigeria.

View the complete list of the 2022 LPF Fellows and their biographies on the Local Pathways Fellowship's website.

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